About Dongsters


Dongsters is your premium online lingerie and jewellery store located on the Gold Coast, Queensland. We offer an elegant collection of pieces in a range of classic and contemporary styles. We stand behind the quality of our merchandise dedicating all our efforts into hunting out the most unusual and highest quality lingerie and jewellery direct from the manufacturers.  We are constantly on the hunt for fresh and fantastic ideas. This is why we source our products from all over the world.


Our aim at Dongsters.com is to provide a fast and efficient service bringing you the very best at an affordable price. Those times when you are stuck for inspiration, do not have time to find something special, or really just cannot be bothered to leave the house then look no further.


Our Story

We are an Australian owned and operated online company based on the Gold Coast Queensland.

The name Dongster started while my wife and I were driving home from work.

My wife asked me "what is a good name for my online shop?”

I told the wife I've got “no idea” and I didn’t really care, as I was trying to concentrate on my driving, when suddenly a serial drongo cut me off.

I was feeling fairly annoyed after being chopped off when it suddenly came to me and I yelled to the wife “Dongsters that is the name!"

She said, "what name" thinking I was referring to the "serial drongo”

I said, "the name for your online shop, Dongsters Pty Ltd" short and sweet; unforgettable that’s what I told the wife.

The wife burst out laughing and said, “you are probably right.”




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